I have always wondered how much top earners in the network marketing world would be making. After some preliminary research, I have learned that there is, in fact, a lot of money to be made in the industry. I’m talking about multi-millionaires! The following ate 15 of the top multi-level marketing leaders of all time!

Dexter and Birdie Yager, Amway

Dexter and Birdie Yager are a power couple that has been with Amway since the company’ early years. Perhaps, their years in the industry is the reason why they can boast of a network of over a million people, across 40 countries! If that number does not give you a head rush, I don’t know what will!

The Yagers joined Amway way back in 1964. Today, they run an Amway approved entity called Yager Group, which provides training to those joining the Amway family every day. Their three sons, along with their partners, are also involved with Amway and are only taking the family name forward in the business. According to a blog that tracks top MLM earners like the Yagers, Dexter takes back home approximately $1.3 million every month! Their estimated lifetime earning stands at $460,000,000, according to Business for Home. The Yagers are truly a legacy in the business!

Amway is one of the biggest network marketing businesses in the world. It caters to health, beauty, fitness and lifestyle markets and sells products that are reputed for their quality.

Nancy Dornan, Amway

Nancy Dornan is one of the highest earning multi-level marketing leaders in the industry today. She is known for her prowess in the industry as well as her philanthropic work. Nancy and her late husband Jim Dornan are responsible for launching Network TwentyOne, a support organization that guides distributors joining the Amway business. The company has operations in over 40 countries, according to the official website. It is currently led by Nancy alone after her husband’s death in 2013. The couple began working with Amway in 1971 and when the company’s name was expanding even beyond America, they saw an opportunity to lend support in building a larger international brand. Today, Nancy earns approximately $350,000 per month. Her estimated lifetime earnings are said to be at $ 125,000,000, according to Business for Home.

Dornan has made a name for herself in the business as an amiable person who wants to spread her knowledge. Her philanthropic endeavors have also garnered a lot of eyeballs and applause. The couple started out in humble circumstances, with Jim quitting his job a few years after entering Amway. But their second-born Eric was born with spina bifida, a spinal defect that threw a spanner in the couple’s hopes for their family. Their relentless work with Amway allowed the couple to afford the expensive medical treatments for their son. Today, Eric lives a normal, healthy life with his wife, Abbie.

Jeff Roberti, Juice Plus+

Jeff Roberti, as described in his own website, is one of the highest earners in the history of network marketing. As he began his stint with NSA, now known as Juice Plus+, the company’s sales went from a million a month to a million a day! In his long and illustrious career with Juice Plus+, Roberti has built a distributorship that spans over 24 countries. In November 2015, Roberti hit $85 million in career earnings, bringing home $450,000 per month. A more recent estimate published by Business for Home puts his lifetime earnings at $100, 000, 000!

Roberti and Jay Martin, the founder of Juice Plus+ have worked together for 30 years now. Roberti came onboard at the young age of 24 and has since built an empire! Other than his network marketing endeavors, Roberti is also actively engaged in building his personal brand and becoming a mentor to those who want to live a fuller life.

Juice Plus+ is a brand that works with dietary supplements which contain concentrated fruit and vegetable extracts. When it started out in 1970, as National Safety Associates (NSA), the company used to deal in smoke detectors, water filtration systems, etc. Roberti has a great contribution in creating the company as we know it today.

Rolf Kipp, Forever Living Products

Rolf Kipp’s beginnings were humble. In the early part of his career, this enterprising German man would 12-hours a day, for the whole week, yet the bank balance at the end of the month remained unsatisfactory. It was only with his tryst with multi-level marketing and Forever Living Products that Kipp could afford to live the life he does now. Today, Kipp is a multi-millionaire and the author of The Most Beautiful Business on Earth.

Kipp’s estimated lifetime earnings are at a staggering $80,000,000! In 2013, Kipp became the first to receive a bonus of €900,000, the highest in the history of the company. Today, Kipp is one of Europe’s biggest network marketing success stories.

The company he is affiliated with, Forever Living Products, is an American multi-level marketing company which manufactures and markets aloe vera-based drinks. The company also boasts of bee-derived cosmetics, dietary supplements and personal care products.

Barry Chi and Holly Chen, Amway

Barry Chi and Holly Chen are yet another network marketing power couple. Their journey with Amway began when Holly started selling Amway products to her friends and family back home in Taiwan. In 1986, the couple was able to emigrate to the United States through the help of a student of Holly’s. In the US, the couple built a business selling Amway products to Chinese and Taiwanese immigrants in the country.

The couple, today, boasts of a true, rags to riches, network marketing success story. Their sons are also involved in the business today and are carrying the family legacy forward. The couple’s annual earnings are estimated at $6 million, according to Direct Selling Star. Their estimated lifetime earnings stand at $ 75,000,000.

Amway boasts of several such success stories where couples and families have gotten together and transformed their fortunes!

Nathan Ricks, Nu Skin

Nathan Ricks is a network marketing icon that has taken the name of Nu Skin, the company he works for, far and wide. Much of the revenue Nu Skin can boast of is credited to Ricks. He easily earns a passive income of more than $210,000 per month! In the year, this passive income can accumulate to $4,000,000 and we are not even including the many bonuses and perks he probably gets as one Nu Skin’s top earners!

Ricks was not part of the Nu Skin family from the beginning, but much of the company’s international business and distribution is thanks to Ricks. He first joined Nu Skin in 1989 and broke an industry record by building a distributor network of 100,000 in his first two years at Nu Skin alone. According to Business for Home, his estimated life earnings stand at a whopping $58,000,000!

Nu Skin is a multi-level marketing company that develops and sells personal care products and dietary supplements. In fact, it was Ricks who made it possible for the company to acquire the biophotonic scanner technology, which has been instrumental in developing several products for the company.



Jimmy Smith, Isagenix

Jimmy Smith of Isagenix has an incredible story. Jimmy began his working career as a butcher. For 40 years Jimmy cut and packed meat and loved every minute of it, even if it didn’t bring much back into the bank account. But as he grew older, he developed spinal arthritis. This did not help with carrying large chunks of meat every day and using all his upper body strength to cut the meat neatly. The next few years were hard on Smith since he had to let go of his job in the meat business. Things, however, took a turn when he got introduced to multi-level marketing. There were a few ups and downs in the early years. Things were not smooth sailing, to begin with, but today Smith is one of the top earners at Isagenix.

Business for Home estimates his lifetime income at $57,000,000. He is focused on making his downlines top earners in the company as well. At last count, there are approximately 80,000 members in his downline network. In Isagenix’s list of top earners, at least 18 are distributors from his network, according to a blog that tracks the network marketing industry closely.

Isagenix is a multi-level marketing company that sells dietary supplements and personal care products. It is based out of Arizona, United States.

Susan Peterson, Herbalife

Susan Peterson is one of the highest earning women in the network marketing industry. She is perhaps the top product distributor for Herbalife and earns close to $240,000 a month through her downlines, crosslines and commissions. She currently lives in Houston, Texas with her children, all three of whom are also part of the Herbalife family.

Susan and her former husband, the late John Peterson entered the Herbalife family entirely by accident and with great apprehension. But soon enough they were earning in a week what they could not in a month! Today, Business for Home estimates her lifetime earnings to be $55,000,000. She, along with her children, run Fab-u-Life Nutrition, a wellness club that encourages a healthy lifestyle through exercise and diet.

Herbalife is a multi-level marketing company that develops and sells nutrition supplements, weight management, sports and personal care products.

Max Schwarz, Amway

Max Schwarz is another success story from Amway. The German national is a direct seller for Amway and takes home an income of $250,000 per month, approximately. He joined the Amway business in 1977 and was supported by his late wife, Marianne. Some of the countries Schwarz has managed to expand his distribution in are Austria, Russia, Italy and Poland. His core market, however, remains Germany, where he continues to live.

According to Business for Home, Schwarz’s estimated lifetime earnings are $50,000,000, making him an Amway top earner in Europe. He also founded the Schwarz Organization, one of the biggest MLM companies under Amway Global.

Shane Morand, Organo Gold

Shane Morand is not only a top multi-level marketing leader but is also one of the co-founders of a new company, Organo Gold. we will delve more into what the company does later, but first, let us talk about Morand.

Morand has seen incredible success in the world of network marketing. According to Business for Home, his lifetime earnings from network marketing stands at $ 45,000,000. Not to mention, Morand is still very much active and earning, so this number is only expected to shoot up!

Since the age of 19, Morand has espoused the Napoleon Hill way-of-life. Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich changed the way Morand looked at work and business. Going by Hill’s principals, Morand became the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for a major printing firm in Ottawa, Canada at the early age of 25! In his illustrious career, he has rubbed shoulders with the likes of Les Brown and Dr. Mark Victor Hansen, some of the most influential speakers in the business. Today, he takes home a salary of $12,000,000 a уеаr, according to a blog that tracks top MLM leaders like him.

In 2008, Morand co-founded Organo Gold with Bernardo Chua, another top name in the network marketing circle. The company specializes in gourmet coffee and other healthy beverages and has been making waves since it emerged on the scene. There are many things to learn from Morano’s journey.

Simon Abboud, ACN

Simon Abboud has been a recognizable face of ACN for a while. The Montreal-based entrepreneur is one of the top multi-level marketing leaders in the industry and has a body of work that speaks for itself. Abboud started out as a 19-year-old with little idea of what he wanted to do. But within three years of joining the ACN family, the monetary benefits became evident to him. Today, he owns a penthouse in Montreal, where he often hosts his friends and family. Abboud has a rooftop pool, a garden where he grows his own herbs and a full life that did not seem possible in his early years at ACN when everyone around him seemed skeptical of what he was doing. He has built a distribution network of downlines that are also prospering. Today, Abboud reportedly takes home $300,000 a month!

One of the largest direct sellers in the world, ACN deals in telecommunications, energy and essential services for the home and for businesses. ACN also offers incredible home-based business opportunities to those who want to become independent business owners. ACN’s direct selling business model allows its IBOs (Independent Business Owners) to approach the consumer directly.

Todd Smith, Unicity

Todd Smith has been in the network marketing industry for over two decades. He left a lucrative job in real estate and focused on building a business in the network marketing world. Today, he is regarded as one of the top leaders and a legend in the network marketing industry. In his illustrious career at Unicity, Smith has recruited some of the best prospects in the industry. According to an interview Smith gave to a direct selling news portal, out of the 50-odd people he has sponsored in his career, five earned over $5 million and two have earned $10 million! Smith himself has earned over $20 million in commissions in his career. He does not believe in sponsoring many people but in choosing the people who would be the best for the business and then guiding and coaching them responsibly.

Unicity is a direct sales marketing company that deals with wellness products. The company has over 400 products, distributed in over 50 countries in the world, according to the official website. The company’s products include anti-aging serums, vitamins, weight management and fitness products, etc.

Mark Yarnell

If there is anyone who has cracked the business of networking marketing, it is Mark Yarnell. In the business for over three decades, Yarnell started out with hardly anything in his bank account. The week that Yarnell decided to enter the network marketing business (as a last resort to prevent going bankrupt), the bank had called him and threatened to repossess his 1980 Chevrolet, as he had over three months worth of back payments. Cut to today and Yarnell is a best-selling author and takes home a handsome salary every month from not only his network marketing job but also through his role as a motivational speaker and author. He has earned $20 million in network marketing, according to his blog.

His network is a vast and vibrant one. In 1986, he began his network marketing career with an upstart company and went on to build an organization comprising over 300,000 marketing representatives, spanning over 21 countries. His teachings have been thoroughly documented in his best sellers, Your First Year in Network Marketing, Power Multi-Level Marketing and How to Become Filthy, Stinking Rich Through Network Marketing.

Dan Catto, NHT Global

Since joining the network marketing world in the late 1980s, Dan Catto has gained experiences at a number of different companies. From his initial months, he began building networks of downlines at unprecedented rates. At his first company, Dan built a group of 10,000 distributors, not only in North America but also in Europe. At his next stint with a company based out of Hong Kong, Catto was able to build a network of 30,000 distributors around the world. In 1996, he led a new company and recruited over 50,000 distributors. This is when his association with NHT Global began, as they launched another company as a sister company to the one Catto was already leading. In his association with NHT Global, Catto has been able to build a network of 1,000,000 distributors in over 50 countries! Now, that’s a number!

When Catto first came into the network marketing world, he was most inspired by a young man who earned in a month what the president of his previous corporate company did not earn in a year. For Catto, at the time a near-bankrupt 32-year-old recently out of a job and living with his parents, nothing could be more promising.

NHT Global is a network marketing company which sells health and wellness products. Among the company’s core products are fitness, beauty, herbal and lifestyle products like daily vitamins, anti-aging creams, etc.



John Haremza

John Haremza’s journey is something feature films are made of. Haremza started out as a blue collar worker, earning $9 an hour at a potato chip company. He graduated from high school with a severe learning disability, according to his website. Haremza and his family thought this would be the best he could achieve in life. However, his fortunes did a prompt U-turn when he entered the world of network marketing.

In the first four years of his network marketing journey, Haremza was able to earn $400,000, an unimaginable figure for someone who thought being a machine operator at a potato chip company would be the best job he could have. By the time Haremza had spent a few years in the industry, working for a few different companies, he could boast of earning $10,000,000! A true American rags to riches story!

Haremza’s journey has been documented in his book, Right or Almost Right, which traces his 25-years in network marketing.

Final Thoughts

So those were the top multi-level marketing leaders of all time! Among the names mentioned, some of them have careers spanning since the 1960s and continue to work even today. Their lifetime earnings are a reflection of how fruitful the network marketing world can be, provided you work hard enough. There are, however, red flags you should try to identify. If a scheme is sounding too good to be true, it’s because it probably is. For everything else, there are all the people mentioned in this list to seek inspiration from.