For anyone who has ever wanted to build something that brings people closer together, network marketing might the answer to her or his prayers. With very little monetary investment and just honest reaching out to people, a multi-level marketing company can help you fulfill all your dreams.

Giving testament to the above are these top earners from different MLM companies. Not only have they ranked amongst millionaires, but their dreams and sheer will to create a better life for themselves have in turn inspired and changed the lives of many others.

Which Direct Sales Company Has Made created the most Millionaires?

There are numerous MLM corporations today, all staking their claim to be the best in the industry offering their distributors the highest residual income.

However, there is still only a few billion dollar MLM businesses and that is where the network marketing millionaires hatch from. On the top of the list is the industry mammoth Amway with a staggering revenue of $8.80 billion.

It is no wonder then that most of the millionaires in the domain are associated with the market leader or started their career with Amway.

MLM Millionaires

1.    Kim Hui

Kim Hui is a double diamond director at Jeunesse Global with an estimated earning for the year at 10.2 million dollars. Kim was born in China but was brought up in the US. During her growing years, her parents often struggled to find regular work. This affected Kim deeply and keeping herself employed with a steady income became her single focus.

Her mindset was also influenced by her husband’s charity work. Witnessing his compassion set her on a path of self-discovery.

Today, Kim says that she has gone from being a struggling entrepreneur to a multi-millionaire. And throughout her journey, her richest accomplishment is the discovery of herself and people she has met on the way. Currently, Kim’s annual earning is estimated at $6.6 million.



2.   Rolf Kipp

Rolf Kipp joined Forever Living Pr. in June 1995. A native of Germany, Rolf faced intense struggle early on in his life, with his mother fighting with a kidney disease and his father struggling with prostate cancer.

While his well-wishers kept suggesting a plethora of medications and dietary changes for his mother and father, nothing was working in reality. Just about that time, he came across Rex Maughan’s interview, the founder of FLP. He sent the company an inquiry about their products and received an instant positive revert, which motivated him to form his own network of Forever’s products in Germany.

He asked his parents to use the products and saw immense betterment in their health, which motivated him more. Rolf hit the mark of $780,000 earnings per month last year, and his current annual earning through network marketing is estimated to be about $9.6 million.  

3.   Chanida and Nat Puranaputra

Hailing from Thailand, Chanida and Nat’s journey is no short of a power-packed success story, a result of being determined and extreme hustlers.

Chanida started his journey with the WOR(L)D Global Network in the year 2016. It was the beginning of the year and the company had just the mark of $157 million in sales revenue the previous year.

Chanida and Nat have successfully achieved the rank of Grand President Millionaire, which means a revenue of over $5 million in sales in just one week! Chanida and Nat Puranaputra are considered as the networking industry’s one of the most powerful duo, with over 40 years experience in the business. Currently, their annual earnings are estimated to be about $14.4 million.

4.   Dexter and Birdie Yager

Dexter and Birdie’s story is one of humble beginnings, inclusiveness and family bonding. They started their journey with Amway in 1964. Their day jobs afforded them an average lifestyle in a small town.

But their hopes and dreams weren’t average. With consistency and commitment, they made Amway their full-time business earning a Silver by 1965. Today, they have been Crown Ambassadors multiple times and their estimated annual income is $15.6 million. Their business spans across 40 countries, for many of which they are Founding Diamonds.

Their three sons Jeff, Doyle and Steve are also invested in the business dedicatedly and so are their partners! Together they have established a business empire that is continuously guiding and mentoring their downlines.

5.   Brian McClure

Brіаn McClure started his journey with Ambіt Energy іn Sерtеmbеr 2006. Today he is the sole receiver of the company’s prestigious 30 Million Club recognition. He has consistently been the top earner of the company and is also its Fоundіng Nаtіоnаl Cоnѕultаnt.

Before beginning with Ambit, Brian was a representative for a beer company and owned a small business. Today he is responsible for training and mentoring some of the Ambit’s highest earners. He has helped many people create an independent business of their own and hence lead a more rewarding life. His estimated earnings for the year stand at $8.4 million dollars.

6. Jeff Roberti

Hailing from Florida, Jeff Roberti is a prominent name in the network marketing industry, earning his millionaire tag within the first year of his business.

Jeff is associated with the MLM firm Juice Plus+ and is the top distributor of the company with his network spanning over 24 countries. Working multiple jobs right since his high school years, Jeff understood the value of hustling and money very early on. He first came across the concept of network marketing in 1987 and soon after that got in touch with Jay Martin, the founder of Juice Plus+. They have worked together for over 30 years now.

According to Jeff, it is only when you take a risk that you get noticed. With an annual earning of $5.4 million, Jeff Roberti has crafted an inspiring success story, one that has been used in multiple organizations as an example of what network marketing can lead to.

7. Enrique and Graciela Varela

Among the world’s top 10 MLM earners, Enrique and Graciela Varela are a testament to the level of success people can attain through network marketing.

Associated with Herbalife MLM Corporation, Enrique and Graciela are natives of Mexico, both in their 60s. Born to a poor rural farmer, Enrique holds a degree in veterinary medicine while Graciela holds a degree in psychology.

Enrique attended his first Herbalife MLM meeting in 1989 after his father’s business had completely been destroyed due to a financial crisis in Mexico. A legit rag to riches story, Enrique, supported by his wife Graciela, started selling Herbalife’s transforming health products to the population of Mexico and soon rose in the ranks to rake in million dollar checks. They also initiated the Herbalife Nutrition Club, an idea that was much loved by the company’s CEO as well.

Currently, the annual income earned by the power couple is estimated around $4.74 million and they exhibit no signs of stopping!

8. Chad and Nattida Chong

Chad and Nattida Chong are the residents of the U.S, where they work as network distributors for the WOR(L)D Global Network. They achieved the rank of Double President Millionaire in 2017 beginning and also achieved the status of Grand President Millionaire within a month of the former recognition, which means they made over $5 million in a week in sales revenue.

Chad and Nattida were actually sponsored by Chanida and Nat Puranaputra, one of the most prominent network marketing couples in the industry. The couple has been an exemplary name in the business and has been recognized by the COO of WGN, Alessandro Senatore, for their leadership, strategy and vision.

With a monthly income of $750,000, the annual earnings of the couple are estimated to be $9 million.

9. Barry Chi and Holly Chen

Barry Chi and Holly Chen are one of the most reputed couples in the multi-level marketing industry and have been associated with the biggest name in the business, Amway.

Natives of Taiwan, Barry and Holly grew up seeing and experiencing the harsh struggles of life. Before joining Amway, Holly used to teach the first grade. They jumped on the MLM bandwagon in 1982 when Holly started selling the Amway cosmetics to her friends and family. They moved to the U.S in 1986 through one of Holly’s students established the Chao Fao Amway Branch there, marketing to the Chinese and the Taiwanese immigrants in the state.

Their sons are also a part of their business, with their youngest son reaching the status of Diamond in Singapore in 2010. During an event in Las Vegas, Holly urged the network marketers to know the inside of people to become successful, according to MLM Leaders. Their current annual income is estimated to be $6 million.

10. Stefania Lo Gatto & Danien Feier

Danien and Stefania have been covered by a lot of people in the industry due to their successful climb in the networking marketing domain. They are associated with Jeunesse, a long-standing network marketing multinational corporation selling anti-aging products.

Danien became a network marketer at the young age of 17 while trying his hand in real estate as well. He went pro in 2010 and never looked back. Stefania joined network marketing through Danien, he being her sponsor. They have achieved the status of Diamond Director with Jeunesse and also conduct multiple events to teach people the intricacies of network marketing. They both advice for new marketers to have the belief in their company and products.

Currently, their monthly income stands at $380,000 and their annual earnings through network marketing are $4.56 million.



11. Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson is a top earner at the energy sector MLM corporation, Ambit Energy. He resides in Texas and has reported earnings of about $4.44 million annually.

Steve started his career as a network marketer back in the 1980s when he joined Herbalife while also running an insurance firm. He quit that pretty early and became an observer while also being a student. He then joined Ambit Energy in 2006 due to its extensive scope and great management.

Steve is an ardent follower of John Maxwell and Robert Kiyosaki and has built his team from the scratch.

12. Sunny Hsu & Debra Hsieh

Sunny Hsu and Debra Hsieh are a power couple hailing from Taiwan and currently one of the top earners of the MLM leader Amway.

At a time when everyone thought of networking marketing as a fraud business, Sunny Hsu and Debra Hsieh began their journey by door-to-door selling. This was 1985 and they were struggling to make ends meet in rural Taiwan.

Gaining success with their sales, the couple moved to China in 1995 after a decade of hard work. They then moved to India in 2012 and established their own brand. They are among the rare marketers who have achieved the 55 FAA qualification.

At present, the dynamic duo has a monthly income of $350,000 and an annual earning of $4.2 million.

13. Romacio Fulcher

Romacio Fulcher is the first individual to achieve the President Millionaire rank in the US within a span of three weeks of joining the MLM leader WOR(L)D Global Network. The President Millionaire rank is achieved when a distributor rakes in over $1,000,000 USD in sales.

Romacio has been mentored by the networking leaders Chanida and Pat Puranaputra as well as Chad and Nattida Chong. He is very involved in training more marketers and making them successful. He also became the Double President Millionaire within 3 months of joining WGN.

Romacio Fulcher’s current monthly income is $340,000 and his annual earnings are recorded to be $4.08 million.

14. Ada Caballero

Ada Caballero is a network distributor with Vida Divina. The company markets health and lifestyle products globally.

Ada achieved the status of Triple Diamond at Vida Divina early this year and was also the first to do so. A native of Mexico, Ada is now a resident of California and has been in the network marketing industry for over 20 years now. She joined Vida Divina in 2016 after having multiple bad experiences with other MLM corporations.

Armand Puyolt, the CEO of the MLM, remarked that Ada is an ‘icon of network marketing’. Ada Caballero records an annual earning of over $4.08 million and is a prominent figure in the industry.

The Final Word

Network marketing has made more millionaires than many other industries. However, each and every network marketer you meet will tell you how hard they work to reach that level of success.

You can’t achieve overnight success in MLM. With perseverance and some right business strategies, though, there is a high chance that you’ll succeed as a network marketer.