I have always been fascinated by how multi-level marketing companies work. While often multi-level marketing companies are confused with pyramid and Ponzi schemes, there are many in the market that are accredited and have a respectable body of work.

The following are some of the top multi-level marketing companies which encourage parties as a means of compensation for consultants and hosts. These companies are known for throwing exciting, interactive gatherings where potential clients can get the first-hand experience of using the products the company sells. Before we go into what these companies are and what their offered commissions are for parties, let us get some basics out of the way:

What Is a Party Plan Company?

A party plan company is a multi-level marketing company which follows a compensation plan that involves hosting in-house parties and social gatherings. The consultants organize and host parties which display the company’s products, policy and activities. The guests get to participate in demonstrations, enjoy the products and then place orders if they so wish.

Based on the number of sales made at these gatherings, the company offers different reward systems and incentives. The host can benefit from a variety of offers and perks for putting together the party. The party plan is one of the many different styles of doing business by MLM companies. Some other compensation plans include the matrix plan, board plan, hybrid plan, etc.

Top Party Planning Companies

The following are some of the top multi-level marketing companies which encourage parties as part of their rewards and compensation plans:

Mary Kay

Mary Kay is a health and cosmetics company based out of the United States of America. Headquartered in Addison, Texas, Mary Kay is one of the largest multi-level marketing companies in the world.

Mary Kay parties are one of the best-known features of the company’s brand policy. Consultants are encouraged to host parties for close friends and loved ones. While hosting can be a daunting task, Mary Kay parties are not too hard to crack.

Host Rewards

The host can earn free products, discounts and exclusive products, simply for putting together a gathering like this. The guests can be close friends, colleagues or even acquaintances, as long as some sales are made. The rewards can vary depending on the total party sales made, according to the official Mary Kay website. For example, if the total party sales are $200, the host could earn 10% of the sales if another party has not already been booked, 15% of the sales if at least one new party has been booked and 20% of the sales if two new parties have been booked.

What’s great is that the host can pick the date, venue and type of party they want to throw. Mary Kay consultants also host virtual parties.




Avon is one of the oldest direct selling companies in the business. This legacy name deals in household, personal care and beauty products and is headquartered in London. Avon parties are also a common way for consultants to spread the word among friends and colleagues. A detailed brochure of how to conduct yourself at the party, according to Avon, describes the kind of activities the party could have, what the host should say in closing and the gaps that can be plugged by encouraging guests to come on board with Avon.

Host Rewards

The consultant can either host the party on their own or get one of their friends to host. The credits and benefits of the party can then be shared with the host.

An example of the reward structure is thus – if the total sales made at the party is between $50-$150, you get 10% in shopping credits. If the total sales are between $150-$500, you can get 15% in shopping credits. If the total party sales are above $500, you can get approximately 20% in shopping credits.

For every party booked and interviews scheduled, you can add another $20 to the mix!


Tupperware is a leading home products line. From microwaveable boxes to storage vessels, no kitchen is complete without a good Tupperware set. Founded in Massachusetts in the mid-20th century, Tupperware has gone on to become a household name. The brand is another multi-level marketing company which encourages making sales through a party compensation plan.

Host Rewards

The consultant can either host the party themselves or book another party through a friend or acquaintance. The host gets several benefits for throwing the party. The higher the sales are at the party, the greater the chances for great rewards, free products and shopping credit to buy anything fr0m the seasonal catalog.

For example, if the total party sales are $500, you could get a large serving center along with shopping credits worth $75, according to the official website. The rewards will be significantly more ($200) if the total party sales are $1,000.


Scentsy is a company that sells high-quality lifestyle and personal care products like candles, essential oils, diffusers, etc. Scentsy consultants operate from all over the world and one of the primary ways of making the Scentsy family grow is to host a party.

Host Rewards

The consultant or another individual can host a variety of different Scentsy parties. There are online parties, which can be hosted on the consultant’s Party Page, there are in person parties one can host among friends and finally, there are parties you can host on-the-go, simply by passing a basket of Scentsy products around at church, while picking up your child from school, etc.

A Scentsy host can earn rewards like products at half-price or even for free. There are also product credits to be won. To earn host rewards, the total party sales have to reach at least £245, before tax or shipping. The bigger the party, the bigger the sales and the bigger the rewards. For example, according to the official website, if you reach the $245 mark, you will be eligible for £24.50 worth of free product credit along with half-priced credits.


Younique is a cosmetics and personal care products brand that functions as a multi-level marketing brand. The company also relies on party plans to spread the word about their products and get more consultants on board. A consult can host or help organize online parties, home parties and even catalog parties.

Host Rewards

No matter what kind of Younique party is hosted, there are several benefits for the host. According to the official website, if the total party sales are between $200-$349, the host can earn up to 10% of the total sales in Y-cash (shopping credits) and one half price item. The rewards keep increasing as the sales increase.


Arbonne is a multi-level marketing company that specializes in health and skincare products. It is headquartered in California and has been around since 1975, according to the official website. Parties and gatherings are an integral part of the Arbonne way of doing business.

Host Rewards

As is evident from the party plans described so far, the more everyone at the party shops, the more the host can take away rewards and discounts. At the party, everyone can try samples of Arbonne products and at the end, guests can place their orders.

Arbonne employs a system of Qualifying Volume (QV) in its sales to keep a track of the volume of the sale. The rewards to the host are based on the total Qualifying Volume (QV) of the group presentation and a minimum of three orders placed by guests. You can find out more about the Arbonne host rewards plan here.



Pampered Chef

Pampered Chef is a multi-level marketing company that has interesting products to offer. The brand offers kitchen tools, food products and cookbooks for those who want to try their culinary skills at home. The company is headquartered in Illinois, United States. Hosting a Pampered Chef party has several perks. If you are not a consultant but only someone who has agreed to host the party, there are many rewards you can reap while also throwing a party the way you like. All the decisions will be yours. All you have to do is display the usefulness and versatility of Pampered Chef products.

Host Rewards

An average party host can get $165 in free products. Starting at a total party sale value of only $200, you can start reaping benefits. You can get $20 worth of free product credit, plus products at half-price and a one-time discount of 20%. You can also get 10% off on purchases for an entire year after your party, according to the official website.

Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard, is quite literally, a vineyard that is easily accessible and mobile. It is a direct-selling platform that sells wines through in-home wine tasting parties and sessions.

There are several perks of hosting a Traveling Vineyard wine tasting party. To begin with, the wines are exclusive and will not be available at any store. The consultant will help the host organize everything and the company will ship the wine and glasses to the host directly. The host will also get guidance to organize a suitable menu to go with the wine.

Host Rewards

The following are some of the common perks of hosting a Traveling Vineyard party, according to the official website:

● The host can save up to 25% on the wine order
● For purchasing a minimum of three bottles, the host can receive up to four complimentary bottles of wine
● The host can also buy up to three accessory items at half the price

Boisset Collection

Boisset is a family-owned collection of wineries in both America and Europe. Heralded by French vintner Jean-Charles Boisset, Boisset Collection is the family’s presence in America. To participate in the company’s party plans, one will have to enroll as a wine ambassador. As an ambassador, one can learn about wines and build a curated taste of fine quality wine.

Host Rewards

Ambassadors can host a Boisset Tasting Experience, a gathering of 8 to 15 guests who come together to socialize over a wine tasting session. Boisset wine ambassadors can enjoy up to 25-30% in personal sales commissions. You can find out more about coming onboard with the Boisset family here.

Keep Collective

Keep Collective designs personalized jewelry that can be gifted as keepsakes. It is a unique business that takes into account the client’s interests and tastes and creates a product they can call their own. The company sells holiday gifts, engravable accessories and small trinkets. Customers can also create their own designs.

Host Rewards

With Keep Collective, there is an opportunity to host design sessions, either online or in-person. The host will be working alongside a designer and will have complete support in creating the party activities, guest list and also the follow-up communication after the session is over. Hosting a design session has many perks. According to the official website, hosts can earn discounts worth 50% and will also be treated to one free product, all for very little effort.

Final Thoughts

Multi-level marketing experiences can be exhausting and confusing. You may feel you have not read the fine print carefully enough or you may try to look for loopholes. But the companies described above are the best in the business and have carried forward this tradition of parties and get-togethers for a few years now. If nothing else, it is a good way to get a taste of the multi-level marketing world by agreeing to host one of these parties. Most of the companies listed above allow consultants to bring their friends and acquaintances in to host parties. It is the consultant’s job to provide complete support to the host in terms of party planning but the host does not need to commit anything more than a venue and a date. After your hosting experience (and if you enjoyed reaping the benefits), you can decide if you want to book another party or become a consultant yourself. The consultant who helps facilitate the party is also treated to certain rewards and it is a win-win situation for all!