Planning. Ah, the thing we’ve all been told is important since middle school.


Do you know what the core purpose of planning actually is?

It is to SACRIFICE a bit of your time now, so that you GAIN lots of time in the long run

The core purpose of planning, is to SACRIFICE a bit of your time now, so that you GAIN lots of time in the long run.

The BEST DIRECT SELLERS know that a large part of their success lie in the preparations they do.

It’s important to use TOOLS that make your work easier. Whether you use a LARGE CRM or WRITE IT DOWN ON PAPER is not important, but PLANNING by definition means to write down what to do.

When you’ve planned out your activity, you can have complete focus, not having to worry about anything other than the task at hand.

A planner is a tool that is specifically made for the purpose of helping you plan (Having one also looks very professional in meetings).

In this post direct sales meets planners which equals: DIRECT SALES PLANNERS

Let’s get into it!


It’s not about what planner or notebook you use, it’s about whether or not you actually use it.

None of these planners are gonna propel your business to success by itself, rather it will be because YOU made it happen. You just happened to have a cool and motivating sidekick notebook to make it easier.

Choose one that you feel represents you, something that you would enjoy writing in every day, instead of agonizing over the time you have to put in.

Are you a person that needs a lot of structures, that would rather start with something already half-filled with guides rather than an empty notebook?

Or do you feel constricted if someone else decides for you?(A regular notebook might be the best in this case)

Figure this out and you’re golden.

So pick one and plan away.

Ps. Some of the links in this post are affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission for recommending them. This review would’ve happened either way though, since we know a lot of people are wondering about what planners are the best.




This planner was created by an introvert from small southern town in the US(which is how she describes herself on her website), named Misty Kearns. After losing her job, she joined up with a direct sales company and was able to replace her full-time income in six months. During this time she felt that there was a lot that she needed to keep track of in her business, which was simply impossible without a tools helping her. So several years ago, she created this very planner for herself. After a while of having success with it, she figured other people might to, and now today, thousands of people have.

This planner is digital, which means that you print it yourself, which in turn means that you can reuse and customize it however you like. It includes a whopping 75 different templates, worksheets and planning pages – Talk about getting value for your money.

For those of you who likes to spice things up, it also comes in six different designs.


This planner certainly is deserving of its name. The kitlife planner might seem like any other plan at first glance, but the key difference are the multitude of add-ons or “kits” that you can add. This makes it really easy to customize the planner to fit your needs better.
The different direct sales kits offered is why the planner is on this list. 
Some examples of the kits are a party planner dash pad and a “calls & follow-up tracker”.

They have both a daily and a weekly planner, depending on what you prefer. We recommend getting the daily one since planning each day out with meaningful activity is key to reaching your goals.


Paperlypeople is a hugely popular etsy seller with loads of different planners and tools for business owners. It comes as no surprise then, that their planner for direct sales is among the most popular in it’s category on the site.

Created by a former direct sales consultant for one of the top recruiters nationally in the company Passion Parties. It’s bound to be a good fit for direct sellers.

About 99,9% of all reviews(and there are quite a few) on Etsy are 5 stars so they seem to have loads of satisfied customers, which is always a good sign.

It’s a very functional planners with loads of tools, but if you’re looking for a more “fun” planner with a design then this might not be the one for you though.

On the other hand, if you’re a person who likes things clear and without fluff, this planner has got you.


​Erin condren is a name that’s definitely not unheard of in the direct sales business. Her planner(s) have gained worldwide recognition, not just in direct sales but in a multitude of areas.
Her planner is called the Life planner™ and while not in itself made for direct sales, it’s very widely used among direct sellers. There are even custom pages out there that you can download and add to make it more customized for your business.

It offers loads of custom covers, so that you can find a design that fits you.

A really cool bonus thing is that it also includes several pages of stickers that you use throughout your planner in order to make it even more, well, yours.

With this one you buy a psychical, bound and ready for use planner, which makes it really easy to get started. It’s also really high quality, which is an aspect that a planner that you print yourself might lack in.


​This is a planner that stands out from the rest.
It might be abit more expensive than the other ones, but honestly, it’s for good reason.
With it, you’ll never have to buy another planner ever again. Keep reading to find out why.
While this list is about direct sales planners, this isn’t one. But if you’re a direct seller that lives by or wants to live by the law of attraction, this planner is for you. Actually, whether you do believe in the law of attraction or don’t , it’s still a great planner. 
It has loads of great features but one stands out in particular
It’s actually reusable.
It lets you erase all the contents of itself by simply putting it in the microwave, it might sound crazy but it works and is a very unique feature for planners to have.

It also comes with a handy app that lets you back everything up to the cloud so that you’ll always have what you need handy.




This might be one of the most “fun” planners on our list. Not because of its features though, but because of the design. It incorporates fun colors and polka dots, the latter of which are the signum of the company who’ve created this planner.

With over a whopping 3000 reviews on etsy, we might have to revise our statement on how popular Paperlypeople’s planner is in grand scale of things. This might very well deserve to be crowned the king(or queen?) of direct sales planners on etsy.

As a few others on this list, it’s also digital, which means that you print and create it yourself.