Fashion is a massive industry and over time, their business model has also evolved. Today, many fashion companies are moving away from the traditional formats of business i.e. retail storefronts. Several companies are moving towards direct sales or MLM (multi-level marketing) formats. In this article we are going to discuss a few of the best mlm clothing companies.

What Is Multi-level Marketing?

Many fashion labels are opting for the multi-level marketing business model as it offers a greater profit potential for independent sales representatives. Under the MLM format, the direct sales reps not only get paid for their personal sales but also for the sales of their recruits or their downline representatives. Many companies let the consultants earn a part of the sales from up to even 3 generations of recruits or downline reps.

This format of marketing encourages sales reps to work in groups and build teams rather than working as an individual and it also offers the new consultants joining the system strong support. Apart from receiving commissions for sales made by them, consultants also receive a commission for recruiting new members. If employed by legitimate companies, the MLM marketing system can be quite profitable.

While there are many MLM clothing companies, in this article, we will be discussing the top 5 among them.

Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot is a direct sales fashion company selling boutique-style clothes, jewelry and accessories. The company was started in the year 2007 by Jessica Herrin and Blythe Harris and they named their company Stella & Dot after their grandmothers. Stella & Dot was created with a vision to enable women to run their own business and make their own choices.

In 2010, Stella & Dot crossed over $100 in terms of sales and was ranked as the 67th fastest growing company by Inc. 500. Today, Stella & Dot is a $30 billion company in just North America. The Stella & Dot products are exclusively available online or you can buy them via in-home Style Sessions held by independent stylists. Today Stella & Dot is present in the US, Canada, the UK, France, Ireland and Germany.

Stella & Dot Product Portfolio

• Clothing
• Jewelry
• Bags
• Accessories

How You Can Earn Money with Stella & Dot

By signing up as a stylist with Stella & Dot, you are an independent contractor and you can sell their products and earn money. You can buy the Stella & Dot products at reduced prices and sell them in person or online.

You can earn around 25% to 35% as commission on your personal sales on basis of the PQV (Personal Qualified Volume) from the trunk shows through your individual orders or via your website and you also get a 5% commission from the corporate referral orders. If you decide to build a team, you will receive 18% on the team’s sales.

When you sign up as an Independent Stylist with Stella & Dot, you will have an online presence instantly via your website or the e-boutique through which the customers can place their online orders. You can also use social networking sites such as Facebook, etc. to showcase new products, post photos of the trunk shows, etc.

Trunk shows essentially give your customers a shopping experience that is hands-on and social in a casual and fun get together kind of an ambiance where they can get advice from their friends and the independent stylists.

Booking the trunk shows is very simple and Stella & Dot provides the required training, materials and tools to get you started. You can get your friends, neighbors or relatives to allow you to host a trunk show at their place, where you will showcase your lookbooks and samples. The hostess gets free accessories, the customers get styled in the Stella & Dot products and you earn commissions on the sales, which makes it a win-win for all.

You can get started as a stylist with Stella & Dot by choosing a starter kit according to your goals. There are 3 starter kits available:

Essentials Kit

Cost: $199
• You can choose $350 worth of products + $150 from bestsellers

More To Love Kit

Cost: $499
• You can choose $1,000 worth of products + $150 from bestsellers

Ultimate Kit

Cost: $699
• You can choose $1,500 worth of products + $150 from bestsellers



La Senorita Jolie

La Senorita Jolie (LSJ), a combination of Spanish and French which means “A Beautiful Girl”, was started by Jennifer Dixon in 2006 in Charlotte, North Carolina. In 2015, LSJ launched its direct sales model. Since the year 2016, 85% of the LSJ clothing is manufactured in the United States and as of 2017, LSJ is present in 27 states in the country.

La Senorita Jolie Product Portfolio

• Clothing
• Jewelry
• Accessories

How You Can Earn Money with La Senorita Jolie

You can sign up with LSJ as an LSJ Independent Stylist and as a Stylist, you can earn 25% commission on clothing sales and a 35% sales commission on jewelry on your personal sales volume from your own orders at pop-ups. You can also earn more via team building and earn commissions on the group and team sales apart from your personal sales.

To get started as an LSJ Stylist, you need to make an investment in the sample which ranges between $189 to $999 depending on the time and investment you want to put in. You can select your sample pack to start your selling journey with LSJ.

The starter kits let you get started without a very large upfront investment cost and as a stylist you can get discounts of 20% to 50% on the retail price. You can choose from 3 starter kit options:

Ambassador Kit

Cost: $34
• The kit contains:
• A pair of leggings or a top
• A piece of stainless steel jewelry
• Company selected items
• Welcome note

The Weekender Kit

Cost: $299 ($800 retail value)
• The kit contains:
• 2 dresses or tunics
• 4 tops
• 1 Winnie leggings
• 1 tank
• 8 stainless steel pieces (LSJ Delicates)
• 1 Fashion & Compassion Freedom lanyard
• Sizes: XS to 2XL
• 1 pack of order forms
• LSJ stickers
• Jewelry travel case
• Thank You cards

The Networker Kit

Cost: $499 ($1,200 retail value)
• The kit contains:
• 2 dresses or tunics
• 1 shrug or wrap
• 7 tops
• 2 Winnie leggings
• 2 tanks
• 11 stainless steel pieces (LSJ Delicates)
• 1 Fashion & Compassion Freedom lanyard
• Sizes: XS to 2XL
• 2 packs of order forms
• LSJ stickers
• Jewelry travel case
• Thank You cards
• LSJ business cards
• LSJ tote bag (black)


Driven by the motto “A company for women by women”, Cabi is a hi-end fashion company that was created by Carol Anderson and Kimberley Inskeep along with 10 other founders in the year 2001. Cabi was created to empower women to live the life they always wanted. Cabi has not only reinvented the way that women shop but has also created opportunities for women to have a profitable and relevant alternate-career option.

Cabi Product Portfolio

• Clothing
• Jewelry
• Accessories

How You Can Earn Money with Cabi

Whether you want to earn a full-time income or you want to earn some extra money on the side, Cabi offers an opportunity for an alternative career where you can sign up to become a Cabi Stylist.

As a Cabi Stylist:

• You will share the designer collection of women’s apparels in pop-up shops that you will host at home or a friend’s place.
• By giving styling advice and personalized service, you can become the “go-to fashion resource” for your customers.
• Customers can shop anytime via Cabi’s mobile app, ‘Cabi Tap’ or via your personal website ‘Cabionline’.

You can earn in the following ways:

• Personal Sales: You can earn around 25-33% commission on the products you sell.
• Team Sales: You can receive an additional commission on your team’s sales.

Commission Structure

Monthly Minimum Met:

• You: 25% (Total)
• Level 1 (Team Members): 3% of their sales
• Level 2 (Team Members): 5% of their sales
• Level 3 (Team Members): 3% of their sales
• Level 4 (Team Members): 2% of their sales

Team Builder Bonus:

• You: 33% (Total)
• Level 1 (Team Members): 8% of their sales
• Level 2 (Team Members): 5% of their sales
• Level 3 (Team Members): 3% of their sales
• Level 4 (Team Members): 2% of their sales

Inventory Sales:

You can recoup your expenses and earn an additional income by selling your seasonal inventory.

If your initial investment for seasonal inventory is $2,750 + shipping + tax and at the end of the season if you sell around 70% of the inventory at a 50% discount, you will earn $3,000.

What Cabi Offers

• Discounted seasonal inventory at rates below the retail value.
• Substantial clothing discounts.
• Personalized home support helps your business run smoothly.
• ‘The Scoop’, Cabi’s seasonal launch event where the new collection is revealed by means of a fashion show and you receive all the support required to be successful.
• Weekly training communications and other opportunities that enable you to build your business.
• The free starter kit includes a Cabi presentation rack, garment dividers, curtain, invitations, envelopes, invitation inserts and order forms.
• Cabi hosts your personalized website with your name and photo, which is updated each season and lets your customers view the latest collection, learn styling tips, learn about the career opportunity with Cabi, etc.
• Hostess incentives and discounts.
• Leadership development, rewards and recognition programs.
• Special discounts.

W by Worth

W by Worth is a direct sales company which is into luxury fashion and apparel. The company was started by Caroline Davis in 1991 and is driven by the belief of offering intrinsic value and style to women. The collections of W by Worth are designed in New York City. The objective of the company is to offer women the opportunity of having a successful career where they can work flexible hours and also be their own boss.

W by Worth Product Portfolio

• Clothing including dresses, skirts, tops, outerwear, etc.
• Accessories

How You Can Earn Money with W by Worth

W offers you unlimited potential to earn, the flexibility and a great opportunity to work with great women. The compensation details of W by Worth are not available publicly.

You need to locate a stylist who can get you connected with W by Worth. This is very simple. All you have to do is visit the official website of the company, where you need to share some information and you will be able to schedule an appointment with a W Stylist.

And, to get an experience of being a W by Worth Stylist, you can simply be a host of a trunk show. The stylist from W will bring the products for your guests and they can either shop as a group or one-on-one, whatever suits you the best.

What W by Worth Offers

Apart from the opportunity to earn, other benefits include:
• Training in order to strengthen your fashion and business acumen.
• Support from the regional team of W by Worth.
• Access to the W design team and executives.
• Backing of the whole W by Worth network to ensure your success.




Etcetera is a direct sales company in the women’s fashion industry. Founded in 2000, the company is a subsidiary of the Connaught Group and provides stylish clothing for women for every occasion. The clothes are designed and manufactured in the United States.

Etcetera offers women a great business opportunity that is flexible and allows you to define your own success. Etcetera empowers each woman by allowing her to be the CEO of her own business. And, as a trained stylist, you can be at the heart of an elite shopping experience of several women.

Etcetera offers its products exclusively via trunk shows that can be set up on appointment and the stylists offer the latest information on trends, looks, etc. By filling in your details, you can get more information about how you can join Etcetera as a stylist and also the compensation details, which are not available readily.

Etcetera Product Portfolio


What an Etcetera Stylist Does

• Hosts trunk shows that enables you to network with customers and educate them about Etcetera as a brand.
• Present Etcetera’s collections at your own home or at nearby appointment-only showrooms or boutiques.
• Act as a personal stylist for your client.
• Wardrobe consulting.

What Are the Advantages of Becoming an Etcetera Stylist

• Create a flexible business model that fits into your schedule and lifestyle and be your own boss.
• Be financially successful and earn an income without any associated risks.
• Network with other women and enable them to look and feel fantastic.
• Located in one of the fashion capitals of the world, New York City, you can experience the glamour of the fashion world up close and attend runway shows, events, etc.

There are several advantages of becoming an independent consultant or Stylist with any of these MLM clothing companies. Not only do they offer fantastic opportunities to stay in touch with the latest fashion trends and interact with people in the fashion world, they also offer an excellent opportunity to make a sustainable living doing what you love!