Top 5 MLM Wine Companies 2019

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Top MLM Wine Companies 2019

While relaxing with a glass of wine may sound like the best way to spend an evening, what if someone told you that wine can be a great way to make money too! While you may have heard of multi-level marketing dealing with clothing, jewelry, cosmetics, health and wellness products, you can earn money by direct selling wine too.

The idea of using multi-level marketing to sell wine fits in very well, as wine is extremely “social”. And, marketing wine for direct selling wine companies while drinking with a group of your friends can make the entire experience fun, while being profitable too.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the top MLM wine companies.



Wine Shop At Home

Started by John and Melissa Lynch in the year 1995, Wine Shop At Home is situated in Napa Valley, California, the home to world-class wines. Wine Shop At Home offers exclusive handcrafted artisan wines that are not available anywhere else on earth.

In 2002, the company moved to an MLM marketing format when they noticed that a very high percentage of their artisan wines sold through direct sales. The Wine Shop At Home is a member of the DSA (Direct Selling Association).


How Wine Shop At Home Works

Wine Shop At Home is a direct seller of fine wines and the Independent Wine Consultants of the company hold in-home Wine Tastings where the guests attending can taste and experience the wines, learn about them and buy the wine from the winery directly.


The process works in just five simple steps:

● As an Independent Wine Consultant, you must reach out to people who love wine and then book a wine tasting session with your host.
● You can then select a sampler along with your host and talk with them about the prep before the tasting.
● The sampler then ships all the things required for the wine tasting to the host.
● While you talk a bit about the wines, the host pours 1 ounce of wine for the guests to taste.
● Once the wine tasting is completed, guests can place their orders directly with Wine Shop At Home and the wine will be shipped to the customers.


You can choose from 4 Business Kits:

● Wine Cellar Entry Kit: $29.95
● Mini Kit: $79 (Retail Value Over: $100)
● Starter Kit: $149 (Retail Value Over: $200)
● Premium Kit: $299 (Retail Value Over: $400)



Direct Cellars

Started in 2014 by David DiStefano, Direct Cellars is a company operating in the wine MLM segment. The company began as an internet wine club, but thanks to their marketing strategy, the company has grown to what it is today and according to Business For Home, the revenue of Direct Cellars in the year 2017 is reported to be around $25 million.

The idea of Direct Cellars is that it enables you to enjoy the experience of wine drinking right in the comfort of your own home. Direct Cellars partner with top wineries in over 10 countries to bring to you premium quality wines. Direct Cellars delivers high-quality wine right to your doorstep at a fraction of the cost you would pay in the retail market.


How Direct Cellar Works

Direct Cellars offers the opportunity to build an income from potential wine customers and gives you a flexible earning potential. The unique business model of Direct Cellars leverages the global distribution channels and the e-commerce platform of the company so that there are no overheads or no inventory carried. The Direct Cellar model is very simple:
● You can place an order and also reorder online.
● All transactions are digital and there are no forms or money to deal with.
● There are over 6 ways in which you can earn money and the more that you build, the greater the earning potential.
● Direct Cellar offers complete support and offers all that you need to build your business from your home.


You can join as a Direct Cellar Brand Partner by opting for one of the 2 packages:


Premium Wine Lover Elite

● Cost: $499.95 (one-time fee)
● 12 bottles of premium wine
● 40% on case re-order


Premium Wine Lover

● Cost: $249.95 (one-time fee)
● 4 bottles of premium wine
● 20% on case re-order

Traveling Vineyard

Based in Ipswich, Massachusetts, Traveling Vineyard is a direct selling wine company which was started in 2001. In 2010, the company was bought by Richard Libby, who restructured the company. Traveling Vineyard markets wine by using the format of in-home wine tasting and has over 5,000 independent reps, known as Wine Guides who are part of the direct selling team.


How Traveling Vineyard Works

Signing up to be a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard is very easy:
● First, you need to submit a contact form and within 48 hours a Wine Guide from the company will contact you.
● You can discuss all your queries with the Wine Guide.
● Once you are convinced that you want to join Traveling Vineyard as a Wine Guide, you must buy the Success Kit.
● And when you have the necessary tools, you can get into the training to learn the basics and hold your first wine tasting.


When you signup with Traveling Vineyard as a Wine Guide by paying a fee, the company sends you a Success Kit which includes all that you need to make your business a success.
● Cost: $179.99 + tax & shipping
● 2 tasting sets (5 bottles each)
● Tasting glasses with a carrying box
● Wine carrier (6-bottle)
● Wine accessories
● Order forms
● Startup guide
● Brochures and flyers
● Sommology kit (training program and cheat sheet)

As a Wine Guide, you will be marketing the wine for Traveling Vineyard and not actually selling it. The company pays regularly (around thrice a month) and you are paid 35% of your personal sales known as a “personal marketing fee”. When you build your team, you will receive a bonus amount of your team’s sales too.

On average, the Wine Guides with Traveling Vineyard earn around $80 to $100 for each event; however, the amount you earn completely depends on the time you dedicate to building your team, for the events and towards your business.



Boisset Collection

Earlier known as the Boisett Family Estates, the Boisset Collection is the 3rd largest wine group started way back in 1961 by Jean-Claude and Claudine Boisset in Burgundy, France as a small wine trade. Today, the company has grown and is a leading wine producer with a presence in over 80 countries worldwide. The Boisset Collection is headed by Jean-Charles Boisset and is among the leading fine wine companies in the world.


How Boisset Collection Works

You can be a direct seller with Boisset Collection and BYOB (be your own boss) by signing up as a Boisset Ambassador online. You can then host your wine tasting event and grow your business. You can signup for one of the Ambassador Business Kits and get started:


The Social-Lite

● Cost: $149 ($199 value)
● This basic ala-carte kit contains 3 wines, marketing materials and access to the Cellar Suite.


The Enthusiast

● Cost: $349 ($600 value)
● This kit contains wines for the launch tasting, marketing materials and access to the Cellar Suite and stemware and accessories at a great price.


The Aspiring Somm

● Cost: $149 ($199 value)
● This kit contains wines for 2 tastings, insulated 12-bottle wine carrier, stemware, marketing materials, professional accessories and tools. Also, you get access to the Cellar Suite.

Cellar Suite membership is free for 90 days on all 3 business kits and after 90 days, you need to pay $14 per month or $120 per annum.


As a Boisset Ambassador you can:

● Foster relationships with your customers.
● There is no need to stock any inventory.
● You can earn up to 35% as commissions on your personal sales.
● You can curate and share award-winning wines.
● Get all the training and support required from Boisset Collection.
● You can earn monthly incentives, industry perks and luxury trips to France.

Pieroth Wein AG

Headquartered in Burg Layen, Germany, Pieroth Wein AG was started way back in 1675 as a family-owned winery by Elmar and Kuno Pieroth. Today, the company is an international conglomerate and the core business of the group is selling premium-quality wines, champagne, sparkling wines, spirits and juices.

Pieroth Wein was one of the pioneers of direct selling, where the company delivered the wine from their winery directly to customers. Today, the company has over 2,600 employees and sales partners spread across 12 countries.

The company changed its name to WIV Wein International in 1985 and in 2018, the company reverted to the name Pieroth again. In the year 2017, the company generated sales of approximately 250 million Euros.


How Pieroth Wein Works

The idea of direct wine sales was started in 1953 by Elmar and Kuno Pieroth, which involved personal wine tasting in the home of the customer. This model, which was revolutionary at the time, is the foundation of the company’s success to this day.

The expert wine consultants of Pieroth Wein are highly trained and they help to guide customers through the world of wines, deepen their knowledge by means of non-binding tasting and personal conversations. Now wine tasting, as well as buying of wines, have been made special by Pieroth Wein whether it is at-home tasting or special sessions at events, hotels, trade fairs and at other locations.

Usually, selling and buying of wine does not follow an MLM structure and if you don’t choose a quality company — like the ones listed above — you may end up getting your hands on some not-so-great wine at steep prices. So, make sure that you choose a reliable company that offers high-quality wines consistently.

By Direct Selling Star