10 Brand-spanking New MLM Companies 2019

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You’ve heard of the big-name MLM companies, such as Amway, Mary Kay and Lularoe.

But what if you’re looking for a new business.

One that hasn’t fully saturated the market yet?

In that case, you want to work with a newly started company, or what is otherwise known as groundfloor.

But how do you find these newly started companies?

Fear not.

We’ve compiled this list consisting of 10 new mlm companies for 2019 to make it easy for you.


What Is a Ground Floor MLM Company?

What is a ground floor mlm company?

Think about the people who bought stock in Google, Apple or Amazon when those companies had just went public, before they were the corporate powerhouses they are today. Those investors took a risk, but because they got in early, that risk paid off, handsomely.

The same can be true when you are looking to join a MLM company. You can stick with the tried and true companies, those that have been around for decades. Some would even recommend doing just that and only advise joining companies that have been around for 10 years or longer.

But the problem with joining an established MLM is that the market is often already full of, if not flooded with, representatives. It can be difficult to get your foot in the door if people around you are already selling the product or if everyone you know have already been approached.

Ground floor companies are those that just launched, within the past couple of years, which means that they usually have fewer representatives than older MLMs.

But like Google and Apple in the early days, there’s a level of uncertainty when you’re working with a ground floor MLM. It might take off and become the next Amway or Lularoe. Or it might fade into obscurity because it never catches on.

If the idea of potentially high risk and potentially high reward appeals to you, getting in on the ground floor with an MLM can be the way to go. We’ve compiled a list of several companies that launched in the last couple of years, have a look and see if there’s one that appeals to you. Some of the companies are even or were recently so called pre-launch mlm companies, meaning they are yet to launch publicly.

This is an article about companies that were recently launched, check out our other article if you’d rather look at the fastest growing mlm companies.

Enersource International

A jar of enersource greens with a nature background

  • Year Launched: 2016
  • Category: Health/Wellness

Although Linden Woods, the founder of EnerSource Intl, created the company’s primary product back in 2001, the company didn’t launch as an MLM or network marketing company until 2016. EnerGreens is the product at the heart of EnerSource.

The goal of EnerGreens is to help alkalinize the body and give it the nutrition it needs to thrive.

The nutritional supplements are 100 percent plant-based and packed full of antioxidants and phytonutrients. They are 100 percent organic as well.

As an MLM, the company has two compensation plan options. The first option is a force matrix, which allows for spillover compensation and doesn’t require you to balance the legs. The second option offers up-front sales commissions, of up to $300 per representative, plus sales commissions and residual commissions.

The company offers two starter options to interested reps. The first option is $49 and is eligible for compensation under the matrix plan. The second option is $249 and lets you choose either payment plan. You also get access to several bonus opportunities.


An iCoinpro logo

  • Year Launched: 2017
  • Category: Cryptocurrency/education

ICoinPro is one of the newest MLM companies out there. Its pre-launch was in May of 2017 and has already earned high praise from network marketers such as Erik Christian Johnson.

The company isn’t selling a particular product but is instead selling information about a product. ICoinPro specializes in educating people about cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin. Its product is a $39.95 per month membership, which provides access to education about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

ICoinPro offers a variety of compensation plans to distributors and has a tiered system. When you first join, you are unranked but can move up as you recruit more and more people. One of the primary compensation plans is a 2 by 14 matrix. The company also offers several bonuses.

As an unranked member of the enterprise, you can have up to 10 downlines. That means you can earn a commission of 2.5 percent on the sales of up to 10 people. When you receive a 2-star or 3-star ranking, your matrix increases to 14 downlines, so you can earn 2.5 percent commission on up to 14

people per month.

Jerky Direct

A jerky direct logo

  • Year relaunched: 2016
  • Category: Food

Technically speaking, Jerky Direct is an old company. It first launched in 2004 but announced that it was shutting down in the summer of 2016.

But a group of distributors with the brand believed in it and decided to purchase the company. They relaunched the MLM program in the late summer of 2016.

Jerky Direct’s products are simple. They offer two types of jerky: Southern style and Midwest Fresh.

The Southern style jerky is handmade by a “jerky artisan” with more than 15 years of experience. It’s a thinly sliced product available in a range of flavors, including teriyaki and sriracha.

The Midwest Fresh jerky comes from grass-fed beef that is raised without hormones or antibiotics. It’s a thicker cut of jerky and comes in two flavors: peppered or original.

The MLM’s compensation plan offers commission payouts on a rep’s entire downline, up to seven levels deep. You earn $5 in commissions on each twin-pack you sell, then 40 percent commission ($2) on the packs your first-tier recruit sells.

You get 5 percent commission on the sales made by your level two and three recruits, then 20 percent commission on sales made by your level four recruit. Level five and six recruits earn you 5 percent commission and your level seven recruit gives you 20 percent commission.


A lifebrook logo with a bottle of their product to the right

  • Year Launched: 2017
  • Category: Health/Wellness

The aronia berry is at the heart of Lifebrook’s products. Also known as the chokeberry, it’s a superfood native to the midwestern US. According to Modern Farmer, the berry has the highest antioxidant levels measured.

Its principal product is Puronia, a juice made from the aronia berry. You’re meant to drink 1.75 ounces of the juice twice a day to benefit from its antioxidants.

The company also offers an aronia-based multivitamin supplement, Vitronia. The pills contain 400 mg of aronia berry powder. Another product available is Puronia-CP, which are packets of powder meant to allow you to enjoy the benefits of aronia wherever you are.

Lifebrook has two start-up options for reps or advocates who sign up. The first option is $49.95 while the Fast Start Kit is $399.95. You get paid based on your sales and on the sales of anyone you recruit. Once the program officially launches, you need to have sales of at least $105/month to stay active.


A myclub 8 logo with a tropical background

  • Year Launched: 2017
  • Category: Health/Wellness, CBD

MyClub8 pre-launched in April of 2017, according to Behind MLM. As a hemp-based cannabinoid oil (CBD oil) company, the product range includes hemp oil tinctures, drops and shakes.

The company also has a line of what it calls “Cannaceuticals.” The products in the line are meant to be used together as part of a seven-step beauty and skincare regimen. Each of the

products, from the cleanser to the enzyme mask, contains cosmeceutical grade CBD.

It costs $39.95 to join MyClub8 as an affiliate. Once you’re part of the MLM network, the program pays using a straight line compensation plan. That means you earn a commission on your sales, plus the sales of any affiliates you recruit to the program.

During the pre-launch, the company paid for up to five levels. After it officially launches, it should expand downlines to up to eight levels. That means you can earn commissions on recruits who are up to eight people removed from you.


Nevetica packages being delivered

  • Year Launched: 2017
  • Category: Pets

Nevetica has created a line of pet products that are meant to promote optimal health in pets. It offers nutritional products, accessories, and cleaners that are natural and organic.

For example, the carpet cleaner gets rid of messes and stains and helps neutralize odors while being safe for upholstery and fabrics. It’s also designed to keep your pets from marking in the same areas over and over.

Nevetica’s nutritional supplements look like treats but provide a variety of health benefits to pets. Each supplement is specially formulated to meet a pet’s specific needs, such as promoting hip and joint health.

Right now, the company is in a pre-launch phase and is recruiting consultants and reps. It’s on track to officially launch in 2019. If you sign up to be a distributor on the company’s site, you’ll get more information about its compensation plans and planned launch date.

Royaltie Gems

A royaltie gem unit and their app

  • Year Launched: 2016
  • Category: Marketing

The clear majority — 99 percent– of new smartphones run on Android, according to the Verge. What if you could send your brand’s message or promotion to every Android device within 100 meters?

That’s the premise behind Royaltie Gems, a relatively new MLM program. Businesses purchase a gem; a small wireless device that can broadcast a promotional message to every Android phone within a short distance. The device transmits its messages over Bluetooth.

Although the company does offer direct sales, it also runs an affiliate MLM program that allows savvy people to earn money based on sales of the gems. You earn a commission on sales of the gem people make through you, as well as from the sales of anyone you recruit to the program.


A vasayo logo with a tropical background​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

  • Year Launched: 2016
  • Category: Health/Wellness

VASAYO is a supplement company that launched in 2016 with five nutritional supplement products: Essentials, Renew, Energy, Sleep, and Neuro. The company was started by Dallin and Karree Larsen, both of whom are veterans in the MLM world.

The Larsens had a hand in launching a program called Monavie in 2005, which they ran until 2015.

At the time of the company’s launch, it offered 18 ranks, starting with Brand Partner all the way up to Triple Crown Blue Diamond. Brand Partners have a personal volume of 80 units while the top levels have personal volumes of 320 units.

Additionally, a person with the highest rank has at least six active monthly customers and eight active affiliates. The company claims to pay its members the highest percentages in the industry.

Wor(l)d Global Network

2 hhands shaking over a world global network logo

  • Year Launched: 2016
  • Category: Smart devices

The signature product offered by Wor(l)d Global Network is Helo, a smart wristband and fitness tracker. The company dubbed its product a “wellness band.”

Helo’s features include heart rate monitoring, steps tracking, and breath monitoring. It also offers a unique SOS messaging feature. You’re able to tap the device to send an SOS or cry to help to pre-programmed phone numbers should you need it.

Wor(l)d Global Network claims to offer the highest compensation plans, probably because it isn’t selling inexpensive products. You can have four streams of revenue with the company, including a commission from your own sales, commission from the sales of your recruits, and a share of the company’s overall revenue.

The vast majority of the company’s income earners earned up to $5,000 with the company during the first quarter of 2017, according to its income chart.

Zyn Travel

A zyn travel logo over a beach background with a couple hugging

  • Year Launched: Late 2016
  • Category: Travel

ZynTravel is a travel search engine portal that lets consultants book travel for clients at discounted rates. As a partner with the program, you also earn money when you recruit other travel agents to work with the company, which is why it’s featured on this list of new mlm companies.

The company is run by Zyndio, and offers three tiers of membership. The most expensive is the Black Diamond membership, which costs $999.99. You get a 25 percent travel commission, plus a variety of bonuses and $100 in Zyn $ at this level.

The least expensive membership option, the Gold Club, costs $199.99. It also gets you a 25 percent travel commission, plus a handful of bonus opportunities and $25 in Zyn $.


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