Multi-level marketing or network marketing companies have been around from way back in the mid-20th century. An easy and convenient way to make some residual income to empower yourself, many people have turned to network marketing as a full-time career and earned handsomely.

In India, as in many other parts of the world, there has for long been a debate about whether MLM companies operate legally. Currently, there are attempts being made to regulate the industry to weed out the illegal pyramid schemes from the legitimate companies. Now, while companies like Oriflame and Tupperware have been operating in India since the 1990s, here are some relatively new MLM companies that have started operations in India.


Zillonlife entered the market in 2016 and in only a short time, the company has been able to make its mark on consumers. The company operates through an easy to navigate e-commerce platform, which offers a host of wellness and lifestyle products. The site promises a safe and convenient payment gateway and easy, hassle-free returns if you are not happy with the product.

What Does It Do?

There are four main brands under the Zillonlife banner – Soul Sanctuary, Sierra Brew, Lifecorder and Zhom Comfort. Each of these brands has a unique product range to offer.

Soul Sanctuary uses the knowledge of ancient Ayurveda to create a range of bath essentials for men and women which are free of sulfates and paraben.

Born out of the tea estates of Darjeeling, Sierra Brew offers a diverse range of teas, including oolong, white, first flush, etc.

Lifecorder uses state-of-the-art technology to create electronic devices for the home like CCTV cameras, air purifiers, etc. As a member of the Asian Professional Security Association (APSA), Lifecorder promises to provide reliable home security solutions to customers.

Finally, Zhom Comfort offers home decor that is made from safe, non-chemically treated cotton. The home decor ranges not only promise to protect consumers from toxins but also brighten up homes with vintage, floral prints.

How Does It Work?

You can purchase products directly from the online platform either by registering as a user yourself or using the referral code of someone who is already a member. Once you have registered, the platform will provide you with a referral ID which you can then pass on to others and become their sponsor. There is a range of products and sales you can avail once you become a member.




Headquartered in Orem, Utah, United States, Unicity as a company has been around for the last 100 years. In 2012, Unicity entered the Indian market with its first product, Bios Life Slim, according to the timeline provided on its official website.

Still available in the market, Bios Life Slim is a vitamin-rich fiber based supplement that is meant to enable the body to burn fat and regulate the amount of fat stored. In the subsequent years, several Unicity products were made available in India via their direct sellers.

In 2017, the company made news by launching the world’s first genomeceutical or gene controlling range of products in India, reported Times of India.

What Does It Do?

As has been made evident in the description of the company above, Unicity deals in healthcare and personal care supplements. Other than the Bios Life Slim range, there are several other health supplements, including specially packaged ones for children, like the Unicity Kiddo.

Other popular products include the Super Chlorophyll range that serves as antioxidants and the CleartStart Kit, a month-long cleansing kit for the digestive system.

How Does It Work?

Unicity has a vertical expansion system called a Rank Advancement system. One can enroll by ordering the Unicity Starter Kit, which serves as a guide to Unicity’s products and inner working.

Upon joining, one would most likely come on board as a Junior Manager and gradually climb the ladder to join the Chairman’s Club. The company also offers multiple methods of compensation, including retail profits and bonuses. Other than the ranking system, the company also claims to incentivize its distributors through annual reward trips.


AMC endorses a healthy and quick way of cooking and eating. The company has over 50 years of experience worldwide and has recently forayed into the Indian market too. The USP of the kitchenware line is its ability to enable customers to cook without any oil or fat. Which means, it’s a perfectly healthy and oil-free way of living. The company boasts of over 15 million customers and over 18,000 employees globally, spread over five continents.

What Does It Do?

According to the official website, AMC allows its customers to “eat better, live better”. It advocates its unique oil-free and water-free method to cook a healthy and quick meal.

There are several ranges of cooking products which use a unique technology to reduce effort on your part. For example, the ‘Akkutherm’ base allows the heat to be distributed evenly and the Sensotherm measures the temperature inside the utensil. The Audiotherm indicates when your food is ready.

The utensils are suitable for any kind of stove, have a 30-year guarantee and are easy to clean. You can purchase entire product sets or even individual pots, lids and accessories.

How Does It Work?

You can apply online to become an AMC consultant. As a consultant, you will be eligible for up to 19% in commissions and other lucrative benefits. The way to move the AMC business forward is also fun and unique — by hosting parties.

As a consultant, the more AMC parties you host (using AMC products) or get your friends and acquaintances to host, the more money you can make. The parties are also a perfect venue to explain how the products work and why they’re a good fit for most people.


Cosmetics company Jeunesse was launched in 2009, by founders Wendy R Lewis and Randy Ray and headquartered in Florida, United States. Co-founders Lewis and Ray came out of retirement to launch a brand that encourages and helps customers look and feel young.

The company, in fact, qualifies itself as ‘Generation Young’. In the company’s philosophy, the number ‘nine’ represents longevity. Therefore, the company was launched on 9 September 2009 (9/9/09) in keeping with that ideology, says the official website.

Since its launch, Jeunesse has tapped into several international markets. They entered the Indian market in 2017.

What Does It Do?

Given the company’s branding around being young, naturally, the products the company deals in have to do with anti-aging. There are three primary products that the company manufactures and sells:

  • Instantly Ageless: Instantly Ageless is an anti-aging cream which supposedly reduces the appearance of under-eye bags, wrinkles, pores and fine less right in the first use. The effect lasts up to nine hours, according to the website. One box of the Instantly Ageless cream comes with five strips of five multi-use vials. The product is for Rs. 4,990 (~$70).
  • Luminesce: The Luminesce series offers anti-aging serums, creams, cleansers, moisturizers, etc. Its hydrating components is ideal for long-term maintenance of skin. The products in this range, however, may be slightly steeply priced for Indian audiences. A single product in the Luminesce range starts at Rs. 3,390 (~$50)! The Luminesce Flawless Skin Brightener costs Rs. 9,290 (~$135)!
  • Reserve: The third product is Reserve, a fruity health supplement that acts as an antioxidant to protect from free radical damage. The company claims the supplements are naturally sweetened through the fruits used in the ingredients and have no added sugar.

How Does It Work?

One can become a member with Jeunesse only through referrals. If a friend or family member has recommended your name to join the Jeunesse program, you have to enter their username before you can proceed to the registration.

Once a member, the company offers several rewards and benefits. Distributors can set their own hours and goals per month. There are also six different ways to earn an income with Jeunesse. The company also has perks in the form of Lifestyle Rewards which includes sponsored trips to international destinations.

All distributors are eligible for the sales incentive trip, followed by the Emerald Experience for those distributors who have acquired an Emerald Director status and finally, a coveted Diamond Experience for new Diamond Directors.


Headquartered in Bengaluru, Karnataka, Blulife is a member of the Indian Direct Selling Association (IDSA). According to the official website, the company puts in a lot of scientific research into its products and has consultants on board that inform the making of its products.

The company deals in general wellness and personal care products. Through videos, the website is informative even about how the products work and their benefits.

What Does It Do?

Blulife offers a range of general wellness products, like Glucose Support for Rs. 990 (~$13.94), Cardio Support for Rs. 990 (~$13.94) and Immunity Support for Rs. 180 (~$2.54).

Among the personal care products is their Jojoba Face Wash for Rs. 180 (~$2.54), Bluemist Day Cream for Rs. 345 (~$4.86) and more. There are also pamphlets in several regional Indian languages for customers and consultants to peruse.



How Does It Work?

You can register with Blulife on its website through a Sponsor and Referral ID, which means you must know someone who is already a member. There are three types of memberships if you’re joining as an affiliate – ‘Individual’, ‘Proprietor Firm’ or ‘Partnership Firm’.

As an affiliate, you will be eligible for direct sale bonuses, retail profits and even a performance bonus of up to Rs. 50 lakh a month.

Mi Lifestyle

Another company operating out of Delhi, India, Mi Lifestyle is a direct selling company that sells a host of lifestyle products. The company not only has its own products but also has tie-ups with other brands in the market, according to the website.

Established in 2013, the company has a website that is not at par with several of its peers in the network marketing field, though all its legal documents have meticulously been uploaded on the site, including the ISO certificate and FICCI registration.

What Does It Do?

Mi Lifestyle sells a host of lifestyle products like health supplements like the Elements Healthcare range which offers cough syrups, blood purifiers and liver capsules.

There also personal care products by a brand called On&On which sells soaps, health drinks, toothpaste and Ayurveda oils. The company resells products of other brands too and also offers sale coupons to customers and distributors.

How Does It Work?

One can join the network as a distributor through an introducer who will recommend them to the network. There are options for joining as a part-time distributor or a full-time distributor. The distributor can purchase the products at the distributor’s price (DP) and sell the products to customers at MRP, making a profit on every sale.

The network also runs on two levels – Organisation 1 and Organisation 2. Which level a new distributor may join depends on the introducer. Distributors also earn benefits by introducing new customers to the company and getting them to register the customer network.

The distributor gains monetary benefits and is also entitled to sales matching bonus, overriding bonus, performance bonus, royalty, rank income etc.

Final Thoughts

So those were some network marketing companies that have started operations in India in the last few years. While network marketing can be a very profitable field and can offer many monetary benefits for low investments, there are several dangers too. Many illegal pyramid schemes have been known to emerge in the market in the garb of multi-level marketing companies, duping customers and distributors.

So before joining a network marketing company ensure you do a thorough background check. If the company is offering benefits that are not proportionate to the effort put in, that’s a red flag. If the company is asking you to invest money first or buy a lot of stock in order to become a distributor, that’s a red flag too. So ask questions and find an MLM company that is safe and best suits your interests.