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About Marco

Marco Passanante is founder of Direct Selling Star.

Marco is a visionary leader and a direct selling professional who has built organizations of over 30.000 people in more than 30 countries around the world. He has been a keynote speaker at The Mastermindevent and The European Direct Selling Congress due to his expertise and consistent results during his almost 20 years in the industry. And here he shares all his secrets!

My Story

My name is Marco Passanante and I’m a Direct Selling/Network Marketing professional. I started in this industry in 2003 and have been doing it fulltime for over a decade. My passion is to help people to first and foremost believe in themselves, as well as in their dreams. I am convinced that this profession is one of the best tools for a person like me, who loves to help people grow and reach their full potential.

In January 2009 I decided that I was going to make my network marketing side business my full time career. At that time I was working 10 hours a day at a big newspaper in Sweden while simultaneously playing soccer in the second division. Since I was leaving my home daily at 7 am and coming home around 10 pm, my time was very limited. I made a commitment that I was going to do 7 presentations per week for 12 months – no matter what – with the belief that whatever you do consistently you become good at.

The first month I earned 40 euros and of course, I started doubting myself and the business. However, I had played soccer for 20 years at that time and had been paying to play during the first 11-12 years before I earned any money from it. Therefore, I decided to give this business 6-12 months before expecting to make any real money. I can now say that within 9 months I passed 4000 euro a month and I quit my regular job. Today, more than a decade later, I’ve earned 7-figures in commissions and live a life of freedom that I dreamed of back then.

Sky is the limit

Today I am fully committed and passionate about helping others who want more than their current reality and to help fulfill those desires. It is possible no matter who you are if you are willing to work hard on personal growth and you are ready to put in the work for your business.

Direct Selling Star is a platform where I can share what I have learned and experienced so far. I will be teaching you every single skill and the winning mindset that has helped me turn some of my wildest dreams into reality. It is possible my friend but it will take hard work and commitment. Learn from someone who has succeeded in the area you want to succeed in. If you want to gain access to all of my secrets and soon two decades of work and studies, you can do that here.

Create more income streams

Accelerate growth in your business

I have created extensive e-learning programs on how you can transform your life and your business into a success story. Here you can customize your job after your life, and not the other way around. We provide you with everything you need to succeed in becoming the next big star. Grow your business with the right knowledge, become a role model for a large audience and learn how to build a business that lasts forever.

Is Direct Selling Star right for you?

Let’s get this clear – given the right know-how, tools and strategies, anyone who takes consistent action and puts in the hard work can succeed with direct selling and network marketing.

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