8 Direct Sales Facebook Groups That Aren’t Sh*t


There are a lot of Facebook groups for direct sellers and network marketers out there, A LOT.

But, let me tell you a secret about these groups.

99% of these groups are absolute SH*T.

There I said it, someone needed to.

Anyway, we were tired of seeing group after group of spam and realized that others might be too.

So we went out and the legwork so you won’t have too.

After trudging through countless groups riddled with spam we’re bringing you this list of 8 direct sales facebook groups that aren’t sh*t.



This group is the first on our list and for very good reason.

It’s a huge group of over 48 000 people, in spite of that number this is one of the most spam free and highly engaged groups around.

It’s run by the very successful Art Jonak and the team behind the famous Mastermind event.

Art definitely deserves praise for how active he is in this group, always stepping in to help and responding to people. He’s definitely doing a good job.

A big thank you to Josh Buus for recommending this group to us.

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The Game of networking cover photo

This is definitely a needle in a haystack in terms of groups. It has huge engagement while still having posts constantly coming in. It sits at over 13k members but that hasn’t made it into a spam group in any way.

This group might be the most active in regards to how the diverse the number of people who are posting are. It isn’t just the admin doing the posting but rather a large group of the members are constantly posting valuable content.

Most likely this has to do with this Stroke of genius in the group rules:

WE DON’T WANT YOU TO BE OVERWHELMED WITH TOO MANY POSTS and have this group turn into a smorgasboard.  So, we will only approve (approximately) 2 to 3 posts an hour.

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The next group on our list is one called MLM Marketing Skills.

I might be a bit biased about this one since I personally joined quite early when it was still relatively small.

Even though it now has over 3000 members, it’s still a very spam free and nice place to hang out. The admins are very friendly and there a lot of people that know their stuff in there.

It started around the principle of network marketers helping each other out and it still stands true to that today. There’s quite a lot of content being shared but they’re very open to discussions and the admins are very nice people that are network marketers themselves.

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Even though a group named after a person might make you think it’s only about them, Ray Higdon’s group isn’t actually that bad. It’s much more than a group where Ray just shares his own content over and over again. There’s loads of people in there who interact with each other outside of Ray’s posts and Ray himself even jumps into the discussions.

Ray mentioned recently that he might shut down the group in the coming future but for now it’s still very much alive and filled with great content.

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This direct sales Facebook group is run by a couple, Dan & Liz, hence the name.

It’s focused around social media and therefore most posts are about this. Dan & Liz both share a lot of content themselves, which definitely sets a good example and keeps the group active.

It has great engagement and discussions which makes it a great spot for both learning and networking.

The couple who run this group have their own course which is mentioned every now and then but nothing that’s overkill in any way. We haven’t done the course ourselves so we can’t speak to how good it is.

A big up to Kay Somji for giving us the recommendation.

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This group is a bit different from other mlm facebook groups since it isn’t just for people in network marketing and Direct Sales.

In the description you can find the the following: The Socialite Suite is the PRIVATE and FREE social media tips and training group for Sassy Suite, led by Brenda Ster, Social Media Business Coach for Direct Sellers and Solopreneurs.

The group does have a lot of members involved in direct sales though, which is why it’s a part of this list.

Besides, a group that also has people from outside the industry  can be really beneficial in terms of the different perspectives that you get.

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For our readers of the male specimen, don’t be discouraged by the focus on women. They very much allow and have plenty of men in their member ranks.

If it wasn’t apparent by the name and cover photo, this group revolves around social media and more specifically how to use it to market your business.

Jilley Sue who runs the group does have a course for this but it in no way defines the group, meaning most discussions are about social media in general rather than discussing course material.

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The last group on our list has lots of engagement and discussion but the admin is the person that is making most of the posts. That’s not necessarily a bad thing though, since Simon Mitchell(the admin) shares lots of valuable content.

According to the rules it appears that anybody is allowed to post. So Simon is probably just trying to keep the group active by posting himself.

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There you go, 8 groups that aren’t actually sh*t that you can use to network with like minded people straight away (well after as long as it takes for you to get accepted as a member that is).


One word, networking.

Just like there a clubs for millionaires there are ones for network marketers.

People that are going through the same things have a whole other understanding of what you’re doing compared to someone who isn’t

These Facebook groups are similar to other menas of MLM forums.

They’re very similar in that they both contain a group of individuals that all are involved and/or interested in network marketing.


I asked the founder of the group, Rodney Bukuya why he started his group as well as what his vision was and he gave me this great quote.

Hi mate,

I started the group because I wanted a place to network with other network marketers.

Most business networking groups treat MLM’ers like we’re handicapped and so most Networkers don’t talk about their business with the level of pride needed to make it successful.

Also, most MLM FB groups are nothing but spam. There’s no interaction.

I wanted to be part of a community where Network Marketing would be spoken of with pride and that people with experience and success could help those that don’t.

A nurturing environment where as well as helping each other, we might be able to support each other’s businesses through the purchasing of product from each other also.

I.e Someone from a skincare company might buy vitamins from a nutrition rep instead of buying from a supermarket.

Or for my own example, by using my years of wealth management to help distributors grow their business, I get the opportunity to talk to them about one of my products.

If we’re going to buy things anyway, why don’t we buy from each other and support the people who encourage us in our businesses.

– Rodney Bukuya , https://rodneybukuya.com/


The groups on this list are definitely not the only ones out there

Here are a few tips if you feel like venturing out and finding groups on your own.

  1. – Only look for close or private groups. Public ones get spammed in 99% of cases.


  • – Keep away from all groups that allow you to advertise, they’re almost always nothing but spam


  • – Look at how often posts are made and what they contain. Are they a mix of questions, content being shared, discusssions etc. Or is it just links to people’s blog posts?


  • – Look at the engagement. Are there people actually commenting, liking and engaging with the posts in the group, this is usually the most accurate way to determine if a group is worth being in.


  • – While it certainly isn’t always the case, larger groups are many times more likely to be filled with spam.


  • – If you have any Facebook friends that are in network marketing then you can use the following trick: Search for Network marketing or something similar on Facebook and use the search options of “groups that friends are in”.


If you manage to find any groups that you enjoy, we’d love to hear about them. Just shoot over an email to hello@directsellingstar.com , we’ll give you credit if we end up adding them to this post.

By Direct Selling Star