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For who

We target people in the direct sales, network marketing and home business professions, so if you have a website or audience relevant to those we’d love to have you as a partner and affiliate.

We have a range of different products ranging from motivational posters, mugs, iphone cases and pillows targeted at network marketers to books and a very in-depth online course.

How does it work?

In order to become an affiliate with Direct Selling Star, please fill out the form to the right. After reviewing your request we’ll then setup an affiliate account for you. Using the affiliate account you’ll be able to log in and retrieve your personal affiliate link, which you’ll use to send traffic to Direct Selling Star. The link is unique for you and the purchases made through the link is stored in our system and are the basis for your commission.


  • Any time a user lands on our page through your link, we create a 90 day cookie in their browser.
  • Any purchase they make in the that time is attributed to you, with you receiving 15% of the sales price.
  • We pay out  during the following 30 days after the purchase

Since our books are published and sold via amazon we use 2 different affiliate-programs. One for our print products and course(this is the one that you apply for via the form on the right), as well as Amazon’s own one for our books.


Go to this link to apply for Amazon’s affilliate program.


While logged in to your affiliate account you will be able to see statistics regarding sold products and your coming and future commissions so that you can easily keep track of how you are doing.

Commission Payout

The payout of your commission is done through Paypal so in order to receive it, you need to have a Paypal account. If you don’t, we would recommend you to register one straight away. Your Paypal account will be connected to an email adress, copy that adress and enter it in under “payout details” in your dashboard.

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