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Do you want to become a top producer in direct selling and network marketing? Continuous development is key to long-term results. At i will share all of my secrets and the tools that made me successful in this profession. You can purchase my full training platform that will teach you a step by step process to becoming a top leader.


Marco Passanante

The founder of Direct Selling Star

Marco is a visionary leader and a direct selling professional who has built organizations of over 30.000 people in more than 30 countries around the world. He has been a keynote speaker at The Mastermindevent and The European Direct Selling Congress due to his expertise and consistent results during his almost 20 years in the industry.


Right in front of you, you have the next generation’s direct selling and network marketing concept. By combining traditional business methods with today’s digital opportunities, we have developed our unique program; Direct Selling Star that will teach you everything you need to build a huge team and how to succeed long term. We offer a complete step by step system so that you can learn what you need to become a top leader that can create new leaders and maximize your revenue.

To work and live as a Direct Selling leader

To succeed in direct selling/network marketing and to be able to develop a company around it, you need the right mindset. Why should people follow you? You also need to be able to promote yourself, create commitment, and maximize your reach – but how do you really do that? In our programs, we tell you more about what the profession requires, how to go about it and what it takes to become a successful top leader, and to stay consistent at the top.

Here’s how it works

Direct Selling Star provides you with everything you need to be successful in business. The ultimate online training to get you on the road to success.

Proven process

Short courses and action-based lessons. Stop waiting to grow your business, and start doing what it takes to make it happen. Choose what you’d like to learn from our extensive library.

A winning mindset

Your mindset and goals determine what you do with your life and it’s up to you to achieve them. By setting goals and having the right strategies you have the opportunity to lead your life towards your desirable future.

Business growth

Grow and scale your Business today! Our programs combine personal growth with technique, strategies and tools to help you take massive action toward your ideal income and life.

Looking to reach the six-figure mark in your business and more?

Increase your revenue through Direct Selling Star. We provide you with real business results. Direct Selling Star is a tailor-made program for those who want to become a top earner and strive for success with proven results.


World wide team


Customers created by students




​We give you everything you need to succeed in becoming the next big direct seller. Gain growth through the right knowledge, how you can build a brand and become a role model for a large team and how you can make more income streams through the business.

  • A winning mindset – Build mental resilience

  • The skills you need – Finding your why

  • Systems and structure – Infrastructure

  • Building online – Building wide and deep

  • Leadership development – Growth needs to be intentional

We will help you become a leader of the future

Get to the next level and become an unstoppable direct selling leader. Direct Selling Star is a program that teaches you all the techniques and strategies needed to succeed. Direct Selling Star is created to make you grow on all levels by giving you the right tools to achieve your goals.

A step by step guide

A step by step guide to master the profession of direct selling and network marketing.

The Mindset it takes

A winning mindset and laser focus. Build mental resilience outside of your comfort zone.

Goal Setting

In just 10 days, gain clarity on exactly what you want to achieve in every area of your life.


Clear plan, lead generation, Inviting people, presentation, follow-up and closing

Building online

​We give you an insight into how you can develop your income sources online with exciting alternatives.

Partner onboarding

A complete guide on how to maximize all new partners success and build your empire.

Leadership development

Growth needs to be intentional, growing new leaders and building wide.

Systems and structure

Infrastructure, Customer acquisition, Creating customer loyalty and Basic rank.


We give you all the tools you need to create massive action for you and your team.

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Start our program today for free

​With our digital platform, you´ll learn everything you need, wherever you want and whenever you want. We share our knowledge on how you can build your personal brand to influence others and how you can have the whole world as your office.

Online e-learning platform

Watch training videos step by step. ​A series containing everything you need to be successful as a direct seller. Learn anywhere and switch between your computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Workbooks and motivation

You will also get Direct Selling Stars great motivational package that includes posters, digital wallpapers, templates, workbooks, how to set goals and much more. This will kickstart the new journey in your life.

Direct Selling Star community

Our community gives you the chance to develop together with other like-minded people. By communicating, discussing and asking questions, we can lift and help each other to succeed with their journey. We believe in helping each other, sharing tips and experiences to promote others towards long-term results.

What’s included

3+ hours of video

Watch Marco break down his techniques and then use them in your business.

10 chapters

Bring direct selling foundations into real-life application over 21 chapters.

8 worksheets

Apply what you learn to your own business practice with interactive exercises.

You’re in good company

Thousands of people around the world have used Direct Selling Star to grow their own business. Read about what our customers have to say.

“I didn’t really believe in e-learning programs at all before I came over this. Now I can meet my customers with a whole another confidence, with the knowledge that I always have some methods and techniques to help me finish the deal. Just amazing”

Linn fridlund
Linn fridlund
2012 i started my coaching experience with Marco and i can tell you its been a crazy ride. Marco is very charismatic and passionate whatever he does and you can see that in every detail. Asking the right questions to help you see the solution and motivate you to climb to the next level. 
Rickard Nilsson
Rickard Nilsson
I started to work with Marco in 2015 when I was a pilot student with 25.000€ in student loan. Since then he’s been like a big brother to me.
Now we have been working together for the past 4 years and with his heart, his knowledge, his passion for the business has helped me to achieve a level of success to have total freedom. 
Javier De Miguel Coll
Javier De Miguel Coll

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